Five Points Christian Church

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To spread The Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ and to speak where the scripture speaks and be silent where the scripture is silent.


"On January 13th, 1896, a group of men met to consider the building of a Christian church. A location was under consideration, and the present location was decided upon by a unanimous vote. A deed dated January 18th, 1896 conveyed one half acre of ground, owned by Nicolas Hurst to three trustees (Allen Hurst, Daniel Murphy, and Amagiah Murphy) to be used for Church purposes. A church building was completed there and the church set in order September 18th, 1896, with the name Five Points, as five roads intersected at the point. One road has since closed, but the name remains. The first Elsders were Amagiah Merphy, Allen Hurst, and William Roberts. Others serving throughout the years included Simon Irwin, Fred Bushermeyer, George Morgan, Russell McKee, Ernie Bishop, and Sylvan Morgan. Charles Allhands was the first minister. The present staff includes, Johnie Hutchings, Norman Macke, and Carl Morgan (Trustees), Ken Munson (Clerk), Carl Morgan (Treasurer), Glenn Wilhoit (Elder Emeritus), Johnie Hutchings, Carl Morgan, Ken Munson, and Norman Macke (Elders), Harold Hendrix, Stanley Davis, Robert Schwartz, Darrell Davis, and Jim Wilson (Deacon), Marilyn Munson, Lila June Davis, and Cheryl Davis (Pianists).

Five Points Church in 1938
Original Picture was taken for Maxine Macke by Willard Kerley in 1938.
Five Points Church Drawing 1938
Drawing of Five Points Church in 1938 done by Jane (Hutchens) Silverberg in 1998.

Through the years, many improvements and additions have been made, including a basement, a well, restrooms, a vestibule in front, a baptistery, classrooms, a kitchen, new pews, and carpeting. We are grateful for the material blessings, but above these, we appreciate the faithfulness of men, who from the beginning, [have] seen that doors have been kept open, with dedicated ministers, preaching the Word, and [remaining] true to these teachings.

The Church has comforted those in sorrow and inspired others. Because of this inspiration, four ministers have gone out from the congregation, Ira Murphy, Dale Wilhoit, Harold Beabout, and Eugene Morgan. The prayers of the congregation are that it will always be...

'Enter to Worship; Depart to serve.'"

Written Sept. 1988


historical image
Image taken on March 6th, 2013.